Mad Men "Mystery Date" -- An Expert Opinion

"Megan, meet my previous life. Previous life..."

"The evil that men do lives after them," Act Three, Scene Two, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

"There’s my Don Draper. I like him when he’s a cad." My wife, Sunday April 9th, 2012.

As has become standard operating procedure for Mad Men, the third episode of the season marks a dramatic turn for the characters and a sign that the creative team behind the show has hit their stride.

In Season One, "Marriage of Figaro" opened with Don sniffing at the Volkswagen Lemon ad and then pinwheeling after an old war buddy called him Dick Whitman. In Season Two, Don fell off the monogamy wagon in "The Benefactor". Season Three saw Don swap stories and Old Fashioneds with an intriguing older man who turns out to be Conrad Hilton of the Hilton family in "My Old Kentucky Home", which plays out (disastrously) over the rest of the season. In "The Good News", Don visited Anna in L.A. again and found out about her cancer which cast a sad shadow over the rest of the fourth season. Read More...


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