Community 3.15 "Origins of Vampire Mythology" Recap

This week Community begins where all good stories should begin – with the make-up of Trobed (unlike last week’s forced apology, this was a real make-up, handshake and all.) Pierce laments the fact that everyone seems to have a best friend but him, but before the group can get start an argument, Dean Pelton arrives to share his newest obsession – trains. All in favor of admitting you missed the Dean Pelton costume parade, say "aye!" (Aye!)

Dean Pelton tells them that they need to abide by the rules because the traveling circus is coming to town. This seems to pique Britta’s interest, and when she confirms the name, she realizes that it’s the carnival that employs her ex-boyfriend, Blade (Parks & Recreation’s Kirk Fox.) Yes, Blade as in the same name that Wesley Snipes harbors in his famous vampire movies. The group barely has a chance to get over their laughter about this before Britta admits to them that she needs her friends to help her – she knows that he’s bad for her, but if she doesn’t stay away, she’s going to end up doing things she regrets. Hey, points to Britta for at least attempting to look out for herself. Read More...


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