Grey's Anatomy Review: The Right To Know

Intensity. This is something that Grey’s Anatomy knows how to bring right through your television screen, and they did it once again with "Support System". 

There were fights, breakdowns, and realizations. So let’s get to it, time to discuss the latest hour of GA.

Oh Yes, It’s Ladies Night. The idea of ladies night? Great idea. Watching all the girls try to get out of it? Ehhh. This arc would have been much better if the ladies did actually go out. Not that I didn’t enjoy Teddy showing up with wine and Dirty Dancing (aka the newly single girls favorite move). Arizona has really grown to be an enjoyable character. The writers have done a great job in making her the type of person you root for all of the time. At least she knew they couldn’t ditch the big sad widow. 

Beef With The Chief. Sloan played Chief for the day in Owen’s absence and he became Hardcore Sloan instead of just McSteamy. He knows the rules and he wants to follow them. Gotta say, I wouldn’t mind having Mark become the next Chief. Plus, it gave Eric Dane a chance to light up the screen for more than just a few minutes like the past several episodes. Read More...


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