Awake Review: A Long Line of Red Herrings?

If there’s one thing Awake loves to do every week it is definitely making me second-guess myself at every single turn, and "Ricky's Tacos" super-sized that feeling.

Are the clues really clues? Or are they just a long series of red herrings hell bent on making me pull my hair out? Sadly, while Britten’s sudden realization to follow through on his old cases before his accident, specifically Westfield Distribution, there isn’t much to go on or enjoy in terms of the cases this week.

While the theme of tonight’s cases were rather ingenious and offered a great idea to launch from with the idea of Pentimento, most of it ended up falling flat. A lot of that had to do with the fact that the two were very much separated from each other. Little to no clues kept the movement flowing from one reality to the other, and as a result hampered the overall stories. When there’s nothing keeping us connected to both cases other than Britten himself why have two cases? Watching one case can be depressing enough. Read More...


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