30 Rock Recap: The Talk, Times Three

You’re not supposed to place too much value on the romantic relationships in a show like 30 Rock. Significant others appear and disappear depending on when guest stars are free. If something bad happens to one of them, it’s not a tragedy, just a convenient way to write around a recurring actor’s leave of absence. If there’s a breakup, it just means that guest star’s time has come to an end.

Still, the moment when Jenna caught her boyfriend Paul frolicking with another woman felt heartbreaking in a teen-drama-on-the-CW kind of way. And that’s despite the fact that Paul and the other woman were having a threesome with an anthropomorphic couch, which is not exactly a device ripped from the script of One Tree Hill. Jenna and Paul seem so good together. There’s something wonderfully perverse about the fact that dysfunctional Jenna has the healthiest, most sex-positive, egalitarian relationship on the entire show. And Will Forte is so great as Paul, the cross-dresser with a heart of gold. Here’s hoping those two crazy kids work things out soon. Read More...



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