Community Recap: The Way of the Blade

Today was the day I thought VERY DEEPLY ABOUT COMMUNITY. I read our own Matt Zoller Seitz’s interesting piece about why TV recaps can be awesome, and in the article he cites various examples of great episodic writing about television. I’m 99 percent certain he meant to target the piece at all those who watch television and enjoy reading about it — a way to pull back the curtain between critic and consumer in an effort to champion this burgeoning art (?) form. I read it as having been written directly for me with the title, "Do Better at the Stuff, Steve." Because I, like the characters on Community, hate myself.

So I went back and read as much about Community as I possibly could, in an effort to find the nugget of truth that would allow me to more readily put my brain-nuggets on the page. (Get ready for a six-year-old YouTube video about nuggets!) And I stumbled upon this excellent crosstalk at the AV Club that crystallizes a lot of what’s been bugging me about the show. In the piece, Steve Hyden, who has a really awesome first name and first syllable of his last name, writes, "Community is an airless terrain where nothing is allowed to grow, deepen, or evolve. Even really good episodes have the emotional payoff of a Funny Or Die sketch." Read More...


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