Up All Night Recap: Turn Around

24. It’s the number of hours in a day, and the number of episodes in a season of 24 because each episode is meant to represent one hour of the day. And, for some reason, it’s the size of Up All Night’s inaugural season. Because why have 22 of something when you can have 24 of it? I think I read that in a fortune cookie once.

I say all this as an apology for my delinquency last week. After the 22nd episode aired, I figured Up All Night was over for the season for two reasons: (1) The ending, with Chris and Reagan in bed trying really hard to be mad at one another for some legitimately truant behavior, was really nice, and summed up the saccharine, message-lite season really well. And (2) What other show would have the nerve to do 24 episodes of — [checks schedule] oh, looks like The Office has 24 this season, too. Never mind. Read More...



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