The Office Recap: Parties Are the Worst

In a memorable moment of the musical Guys and Dolls, two gamblers are talking when suddenly, to prove a point, the smooth Sky Masterson bets the less smooth Nathan Detroit that he can't remember what color his own tie is. It's a humiliating moment for Nathan, since Sky is right — Nathan has no idea what color tie he's wearing and loses out on a sizable amount of money. The Office has never reminded me of Guys and Dolls ... until the cold open this week.

After working with Stanley for many years, no one in the office can remember whether or not he has a mustache. Rather than being ashamed of this, it becomes a lively debate and finally, just as Stanley is about to come into the office, they all vote. It turns out Stanley does have a mustache, half of them are wrong, Stanley scowls, and then the credits begin. A slight drama, but a funny one, and one that perfectly encapsulates the particular point of view of The Office, in which there are no smooth Sky Mastersons, just a room full of Nathan Detroits, none ashamed that they don’t know what color ties they’re wearing. Read More...


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