Fairly Legal Review: Emotionally Volatile

Where is the line between caring and becoming too emotionally involved? When does being impulsive turn into being a hot head. "Gimme Shelter" had me asking these questions as I watched Kate Reed deal with a curve ball she didn't expect.

In last week's episode, Kate was all about doing what was best for her client but this week her emotional involvement cost her. She made stupid, impulsive decisions that put Eddie's interests at risk.

That the shooting made Kate angry was to be expected. I wasn't even fazed when she ran around pounding on doors and yelling at drug dealers.

The bigger problem came when they went to court. Instead of helping Ben with the case she hindered it. She's an attorney. She knew better than to yell at their opponent in the middle of court. Her ridiculous outburst helped prove Travis' case, that Kate was a hot head who couldn't be trusted. Read More...



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