In Plain Sight Review: Cinderfella

Old Love, lost love, and new surprises. Mary was forced to deal with all three in "Drag Me to Hell," one of the funniest and most touching episodes of the season to date.

As much as I loved last week's episode, this one was equally good for different reasons.

So was Mary right? Absolutely. If she and Marshall were only partners then he would have told her he was considering proposing to Abigail. He didn't because he has feelings for Mary that they've never dealt with. 

Mary was shocked to hear the news. The look that ran across her face said that she felt as though she was losing something important. 

Are she and Marshall meant to be together? I don't really think so but I also believe there are plenty of unresolved feelings there that will come back to haunt them. Of course if they had given it a shot and it didn't work out I'm not sure they would still be able to work as partners. It's definitely a double edged sword. Read More...


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