'The Good Wife': Is Matthew Perry a more permanent fixture in light of this latest development?


On the latest episode of "The Good Wife," Mike Kresteva is still lurking about - and now it's looking like he's going to be more involved in the Florricks' lives.Peter vs. MikeThe big news this week is the dastardly dealings of one Mike Kresteva. He bombards Alicia with a meeting for a total B.S. reason, then goes to the press to say she asked him to censor the blue ribbon panel report to exonerate Peter. Kresteva uses the media attention to throw his hat in the gubernatorial race - oh, and he has a kid with cancer to trot out, so that totally trumps a stand-by-your-man wife. Mike also straight-up tells Peter - if Peter runs, Mike will make everything very hard on his family. Families are not off the table. But Peter declares his candidacy anyway - in fact, we suspect the fact that his opponent is such a not-nice-word is a good bit...



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