'The Good Wife' Recap: The Alicia/Jackie Showdown You've Been Waiting For

Note: The following contains spoilers if you have not seen Season 3, Episode 20 of CBS's "The Good Wife," entitled, "Pants On Fire."

Alicia Florrick, I think you need me to be your sassy gay friend because, "What, what WHAT are you doing!?" OK, let's rewind.

"The Good Wife's" "Pants On Fire" picks up right where "Blue Ribbon Panel" ended: Alicia vs. Jackie. Jackie's pursed lips are in full force, as is Alicia's cold gaze. It's on! Jackie played innocent and told Alicia she was just trying to do something nice for the kids and Peter ... and basically, push Alicia out of their lives. You know, typical monster-in-law activities. This recap might turn into just a bunch of random quotes because I loved so many of them, like this exchange:



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