The Killing Review: The Boy with the Japanese Tattoo

It's easy to get lost within the dreary world of The Killing, whether it's because of your fascination with the characters, the infamous case they surround or the fact that sometimes you can't understand why everyone looks like they've pressed their somber faces against a rain-soaked window and have been listening to Sarah McLachlan on repeat.

The show has maintained its consistency in its serious tone and season two is clearly pushing a focus towards its characters and their unraveling and/or dealing with the dramatic bumps in the road.

Yes, the Rosie Larsen case is still the primary focus, but there's been a stronger attempt at shining some light on the stone-faced denizens of Seattle. And while last week's episode seemed to shove that aspect in our faces - but left me feeling more tired and bored - this week's "Ogi Jun" gave us smaller doses while involving some real detective work. And no Mitch. Read More...


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