'Mad Men' Season 5 Episode 504 'Signal 30': Is Pete Campbell going to die?


"I have nothing, Don," says Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) at the end of Sunday's (April 15) "Mad Men" episode, "Signal 30." Though that's not precisely true. Pete has a wife and a young baby, in whom he's utterly disinterested. He's got a new stereo big enough for Wilt Chamberlain to sleep in. He's got a rifle. He's possibly got a case of the clap -- after all, he is sleeping with hookers. And when he utters the words above, he's got a bruised and bloodied face thanks to a workplace fist fight with Lane Pryce (Jared Harris.)And the fact that this episode -- like the Drivers Ed movie Pete watched -- was called "Signal 30" (see it below), the police radio code for death, means we finally need to talk about whether or not Pete Campbell is going to make it through Season 5 of "Mad Men" or whether -- as has been predicted and...



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