Girls Recap: You’re on Your Own, Kid

How does one begin to watch a show that has been hyped this much? There are billboards, and rapturous magazine features, and Girls-themed costume parties. (Okay, maybe not, but just you wait. It’s only a matter of time until every girl under 14th Street will be dressed as Jemima Kirke’s proto-boho Jessa.) One must begin cautiously, with the weight of the female residents of Brooklyn’s (of which I am firmly one) collective breath being held. But as the song goes — I’m paraphrasing here, and R.I.P. Whitney Houston — there comes a point when you will exhale. Because it really is as good as you want it to be.

It’s a sign of how devoted writer-director Lena Dunham is to real talk thatGirls opens with food hanging out of her mouth. Hannah is eating at a restaurant with her parents, visiting from points unknown. Yes, this is glossy HBO, but Hannah eats more in this scene than Carrie Bradshaw and her buddies did in an entire season. Two early points for verisimilitude. Hannah and her parents talk about her writing — she’s working on a memoir, because fiction is clearly for losers — and then drop the hammer: No More Money. Mom uses the word "groovy lifestyle," which is obviously humiliating for everyone involved. Hannah objects, saying that she could be a drug addict, or have had two abortions like her friend Sophie, and that they should know how lucky they are. This argument makes total sense to me. Think about what I could be doing. Read More...


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