Mad Men 5.05 "Signal 30" Review

Mad Men is full of characters that inhabit the grey areas; there are no true heroes or villains and each person has at least one unlikeable aspect. "Signal 30" concentrates on one of the more odious characters that inhabits this world, but that also makes Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) one of the more compelling to watch.

Pete is the guy who appears to try the hardest to get ahead, he is nakedly ambitious but doesn't have any of the ease of his co-workers and you know when he is working towards something. Pete has always been in the shadows of men such as Don (Jon Hamm) and Roger (John Slattery) and isn't just an age factor; they both have a certain presence that makes what they do look effortless. This inability to breeze through life without appearing overeager is possibly why Pete is deeply unsatisfied with what appears to be a pretty great life; he has a home, a loving wife and a daughter but that isn't enough. What does Pete Campbell really want? Read More...


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