'Girls' Premiere Recap: One Final Push

There's a classic, second-season episode of "Sex and the City" in which ever-contemplative Carrie Bradshaw couldn't help but wonder what the allure of the twenties was. "The only thing worse than being single and in your thirties in this city is being single and in your twenties," she declared. And from the mouth of Manhattan's most beloved sex columnist comes the only preamble you really need for HBO's new series "Girls"—it's younger, dirtier step-cousin.

Would-be writer and perpetual intern, Hannah, wasn't prepared for this: Over dinner, her parents announced they would no longer support her "groovy" lifestyle, which meant no more rent, insurance or cell phone. "All my friends get help from their parents, " Hannah protested. "I'm your only child, it's not like I'm draining your resources." But her parents insisted, and we can already envision Hannah slurping ramen noodles with a look of disdain on her face. Read More...



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