The Killing Recap: The Guy With the Symbolic Tattoo

So there were at least two breakthroughs in last night’s episode. The first is that we made some progress on the tattooed guy, at a quicker pace than this show has allowed otherwise this season. The second, and more important, development is that it appears Detective Linden has finally learned how to silence her cell phone.

I don’t know how it happened, but if I had to guess, I’d say it involved her being at a house with a television playing in the background. Just as she was about to leave, a special report came on about how Rosie Larson’s murder had been connected to an illegal phone vibrator distribution ring and that’s when she put two and two together. In the old days, Holder would’ve been the first one she told about this, but she’s still feeling grumpy about his role in the phantom tollbooth photo incident. We know this because of the scowl she makes whenever he says anything to her. Normally I would say that is just her face on this show, but then she and Holder go visit an old work friend of hers on the force and suddenly she has this huge, ridiculous smile on her face that is definitely meant to convey how she likes this guy much more than she likes Holder right now. Read More...


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