The Office “Angry Andy” Review

I got really excited when I first read the title of tonight’s episode of The Office, "Angry Andy." Andy has been so passive on The Office recently that I’ve found myself longing for the days of pre-anger management, jerk-Andy.

Honestly, I was hoping Andy would lose his cool within the first minute of talking to Nellie. She was just so frustrating that I would have believed that simply interacting with her would be enough to finally make Andy snap. He even sat through the whole humiliating meeting in the conference room without cracking.

I can’t remember if The Office has ever had such long string of sex-related gags before and I wasn’t totally sure what to make of it. Dwight proudly talking about his penis powers was funny, but as the conversations continued around the conference room, I found myself feeling uncomfortable more often than I was laughing. Maybe if Andy wasn’t being the center of this ridicule, I wouldn’t feel as bad about the staff inappropriately discussing their sex lives. I know this impotence trope is not new to sitcoms, but given the business setting, the public humiliation seemed more cruel than usual. Read More... 


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