The Secret Circle “Crystal” Review

This week’s episode of The Secret Circle was ‘Crystal’, so named because the circle were looking for their family crystals. I suppose they like to keep the episode titles pointed enough to help us figure out the theme of the episode in case we, the audience, are all dumber than a bag of rocks.

Melissa went to her grandmother’s house and stole her collection of crystals. A little circle magic helped her to figure out which one was the crystal she was looking for. Meanwhile Jake (with Faye and Cassie in tow) went to his grandfather’s house looking for his family crystal. The grandfather told them that the crystal is in a mine which is spelled against dark magic. But what’s this? Callum has reappeared as the villain of the week and he wants the crystal too. It becomes a race to the mine, which the circle wins because Jake and co call up Adam and Melissa to get to the mine first. They do, Callum steals the crystal, everyone else turns up and stops him, Jake marks him, and that’s the end of that. Read More... 


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