Once Upon a Time Preview: Will the Storybrooke Residents Learn the Truth About the Curse?

The Once Upon a Time hiatus is nearly over and new episodes resume on April 22.  But the big question, as we're counting down to the season finale, is what could happen before the end of the first season.  Will the residents of Storybrooke learn the truth about the Evil Queen's curse?

We know that when the show returns on April 22 we'll get an episode that focuses a great deal on Mr. Gold and the mysterious August (view photos).  Do the two men have a connection?  Is August important to Mr. Gold in the fairytale world?  There's a theory floating around that August may actually be Rumple's son.

Meanwhile, in the April 29 episode, we'll be treated to Geppetto's storyline.  Just before the curse struck the fairytale world, he agreed to help Snow and Charming in order to help save his own son (view photos).

But a new Once Upon a Time trailer has surfaced now, one that seems to contain scenes for several episodes leading up to the finale.  There will be more confrontations between the Queen and a grown-up Snow White.  But the most interesting scene of the preview includes Regina tied to a post while Emma says "You took away our happiness, now it's our turn to take away yours".  Then David hands Emma a sword.  Is it just a dream, or will Regina's lies be exposed?

Watch the trailer below (jump to 0:10 seconds for the new scenes) and tune into Once Upon a Time on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

For more coverage of the show, including reviews, spoilers and sneak peeks, browse and bookmark our Once Upon a Time page.  You can also watch the latest Hulu episodes there.



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