Supernatural “Of Grave Importance” Review – What’s Next for Bobby?

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is called "Of Grave Importance" and it was exactly that. Not only did it get back to its roots by bringing us a good old fashioned ghost story, but it brought us one with a twist.

Sam and Dean get a call from an old friend, a hunter named Annie who turns out to be more than just a "friend" to both the Winchesters, plus Bobby. That woman basically lived every fangirl’s dream. But when she goes to a house that’s supposed to be uber-haunted, she ends up getting herself ganked and joins the team of spirits there. The good news is that she can see Bobby, who’s still struggling trying to figure out how to communicate with Sam and Dean, while being dragged around with them thanks to the tether attached to his old flask. Read More... 


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