Nurse Jackie “The Wall” Review

Despite my original excitement at seeing the episode title ("The Wall"), it turns out that this week’s episode of Nurse Jackie did not feature a trip to visit the Lord Commander Mormont, Jon Snow, and the rest of the gang in the far north of Westeros. Oh well, I guess I can handle what Jackie really threw at me this week.

At the start of the episode, we rejoined Jackie in rehab with a notebook full of steps and a bowl full of Mike and Ikes. After some classic Jackie Peyton rationalization surrounding her daughter (Really, who’s buying that one?), Jackie talks her way out of rehab and out from the under the thumb of her domineering counselor. Hopefully, we will see that woman again because she was very effective as a foil for Jackie. Part of the problem in Jackie’s world is that no one has ever held her accountable for the crap that she pulled. It’s going to be interesting to see how Jackie handles getting rid of that one person. Is O’Hara going to be that person? Jackie definitely needs someone. It’s unrealistic to assume (I hope) that Jackie won’t relapse. Who’s going to be the person to put her back on the wagon? Read More... 


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