Game of Thrones: “Garden of Bones” Review

So i’ll get it out on the table right now: this was one of the worst Game of Thrones episodes I’ve ever seen.

Let’s keep it in context, however; the worst GoT episode is still eight times better than the best Legend of the Seeker episode, still twice as good as the best episode of Roar (anyone actually remember that show?), and still better than all but a handful of Spartacus offerings.

It was pretty damned cool, and it hurled the story forward with violent gusto. It only holds up badly when compared to other GoT episodes. But that’s where I’m going with this. Call this one my "annual complainer’s post" if you must (because I hope I won’t be writing any more negative critiques for this again), but understand that this is a show I absolutely love. Read More... 


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