Mad Men “Far Away Places” Review

Even though Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride wouldn’t be released for another two years after theevents of this week’s episode of Mad Men, the song was playing in my head during the last few seconds of "Far Away Places." Why don’t you come with me, little girl… Pretty apropos, don’t you think?

We were treated to a little non-linear storytelling as we spent one crazy night with Peggy, Roger and Don. For Peggy, the day was doomed from the start after her beat-nick boyfriend Abe accused her of caring more about her work than him. Things got worse at the office when Don ran off with Megan and left her with the idiot Heinz beans guy. She told the client off, exactly as Don would have three seasons ago, but men don’t like being told off by "little girls." On a downward spiral, Peggy ended up sharing a joint with and giving a little hand relief to a total stranger in a dark movie theatre. I fear that Peggy is starting to become someone we’re not going to like very much. Read More...


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Apr 23, 2012 8:23PM EDT

yes peggy is coming unhinged and megan should be thanking her lucky stars to be married to the boss and have a cushy job with out really appling for the job will always make her look bad to the team no matter what.

Burt was right to finally call don on his bullshit and I like roger he is fun.

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