'Mad Men' Recap: Plumbing the Depths

This week, Pete really took it in the kisser. He got out-manned by Draper, punched by Pryce, screwed by a stranger and rejected by a girl dumb enough to drink vanilla extract. Pete started and ended the show in driver's ed class with kids half his age. It's already been established that's his idyllic suburban life is not going as planned, what with having to commute with dopes and come home to a less-than-dolled up wife and then have no super to call when the sink leaks. He is perked up in class, quite literally, when he spots a far too young girl in flip-flops that he can charm with his…maturity? Lack of social skills? Weaponry? At Trudy's request, Megan drags Don up to the Campbells' house in Cos Cob at what shall henceforth be known as the World Series of Terrible/Fabulous Sportcoats. Pete gushes all over Don for showing up for the dinner, and then the sink gushes all over everyone because Pete doesn't know how to plumb. Thankfully, Don knows that the first step in fixing a spraying sink is to take off your shirt and look sexy. Then, fix the leak. Look sexy. Make Pete feel inadequate. Read More...

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