The Legend of Korra Episode 2 Recap: Korra Bends like a Pro!

The Legend of Korra is clearly one of God's new favourite shows. The first episode finished and my euphoria started to wane and then bang! God struck and there was episode number two, "A Leaf in the Wind". I always knew the big man had my back.

The episode starts with Korra excitedly reading about a Pro Bending match. I can understand her excitement. When I read that there was going to be a bending based sport I was giddy as well. Unfortunately, Master Tenzin doesn't share mine and Korra's excitement. He even calls it drivel! Korra wants to go see it but that idea is swiftly rebuffed, and Korra points out that she is under watch from the White Lotus, making it no different from her former icy confinement. Read More...


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