Two and a Half Men 9.20 "Mr. Hose Says Yes" Review

On last week's episode of Two and a Half Men, Walden asked Zoey (Sophie Winkleman) if she and her daughter Ava (Talyan Wright) would move in with him. Zoey agreed on the condition that Alan moves out. This week, they do a trial run over spring break, and Walden breaks the news to Alan while he's doing unusual movements on an exercise ball.

Shortly after Walden bursts Alan's bubble, Alan bursts his exercise ball and lands hard on the floor, declaring that there's no reason to panic: he just needs a temporary new home and three new balls.

Berta hears the news that Zoey and her daughter are moving in, and when she hears that the daughter is 7 years old, she tells Walden she'll be back in a week. Walden promises that it won't be more work for her and he'll take care of it, but Berta recalls a time when another child showed up for a temporary stay and never left. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I want a fully funded 401k and a Camaro." Read More...


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