Basketball Wives Season 4: You Can Call Me Al

Okay, real talk: I'm not here for Nia and her $1.50 wig.

I mean, I get being sad/hurt that somebody that you used to know and be friends with has kind of abandoned you, but really? Is having a temper tantrum and slapping somebody what's hot in the streets these days? Somebody get this raggedy child a therapist, behavior specialist, obstetrician, something to help her process her feelings and emotions because she needs to learn how to let. it. the. hell. go. And who are you anyway, to begin with? All season there's been a parade of random chicks coming through the Basketball Wives scene to stir up trouble, from Kesha's friend that confirmed Kenya's shade at Evelyn to Tami's employee that came gunning for Kenya at the video screening. Camera time is a precious commodity to the aspiring reality TV lunatic and Nia's little psychotic break took the cake, the ice cream, the chips, and all the rest of the menu at the birthday party. I don't have a problem with a fight breaking out, per se, but it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that Nia came to the track to fight. Her attitude, tone of voice, and slightly askew wig suggested that she was there to bet on horses and show her ass and she was all out of coin to put up. Read More...


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