Bones Review: Cold Cut

A hairdresser in a landfill, Brennan with the post-baby blues, Booth struggling to make her happy and Aristu in an uncharacteristically informal mood.

"The Don't in the Do" sure was an interesting installment of Bones that left me wondering: would I ever go to the salon again?!?

It never ceases to amaze me how nasty some of these body reveals can get. I think this one that included the birds will have me wary of any animals flying above at least for the next day or so.

The birds, however, have nothing on the sheer terror that overcame me at the discovery that the shampoo boy had actually scalped Santiago for his hair. I will say, though, that no man should really be rockin' his coif like that. It's a matter of personal preference; but if you don't, then crazy Shampoo boys can't get obsessed with it and kill you for it. That's all I'm saying. Read More...


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