House Review: The Game of Risk

Hold the presses.   I actually like this week's House!  And I get that feeling that might be a fairly divisive stance. This week's episode,  "We Need The Eggs," had all the makings of an episode that could have driven me completely bonkers.  After last week's promo featuring a parade of hookers, I wasn't much looking forward to seeing House dive back into his frat boy antics full force.  But as much as I expected to hate this episode, I fully enjoyed it.  Because surprisingly, it wasn't about sex. 

Yes, I realize there was a sex doll involved.  But like the patient Henry said, there's more to it than that.  This episode was all about relationships and the many colorful ways House and his team manage to avoid them for fear of getting hurt like they all have so horribly in the past.  And since Wilson brought up Cuddy, I think it may be acceptable to mention her as well.  House took an enormous risk in having a relationship with her and it completely failed.  Hence the consistent slew of hookers ever since her departure. Read More...


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