How I Met Your Mother Recap: Point Taken

Oh, HIMYM, how you waste our time in the tiniest ways. You’re only 23 minutes, after all. But what happened last night? Lily had a sex dream, Barney bragged about dating a stripper, and Ted learned the benefits of living alone. (Yes, constant nudity is one of them.)

But while the ever-imploring Ted was discovering the benefits of drinking beer and eating old soup, the ever-swinging Barney was struggling with the hardships of being a stripper’s boyfriend. At first, it seemed like there was no end to the comic potential, but there was in fact a very real end to it, involving a double entendre about doughnuts.

Marshall’s use of swatches to match Lily’s embarrassed face was inspired (vermilion=carnal shame), and it didn’t take long to find the other man from Lily’s dream cheating: It wasn’t George Washington, or Bill Cosby, or Papa Smurf, but Ranjeet, the gang’s loyal and racially stereotyped driver. The guys’ guesses were noble — Barney had been trying to "incept" Lily for three years before Inception came out, and Ted figured Robin to be the seductress. How much better would this plotline have been if that had been the case? Read More...


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