Smash Recap: Battle Without Honor or Humanity

To borrow a phrase from renowned class warrior and posthumous Smash executive producer F. Scott Fitzgerald, movie stars are different from you and me. They are capable of exhibiting superficial similarities with other humanoids when the mood strikes them; they can make faux-humble asides and plug change in the parking meter for the benefit of the paparazzi with the best of them, but for the most part, they are a separate breed, a race apart. They have huge heads and teeth that are all exactly the same size and color. Their highlights are always fresh. In time, all of their original skin is slowly flayed from their bodies and replaced with a flesh-toned laminate product not unlike the cool outer shell of a Barbie. They live on their own planets populated solely by replicants who cater to their every practical, psychological, and sexual need. Read More...


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