'Smash' Recap: 'The Movie Star'

I love "Smash," but sometimes it can be a big ol' pile of crazy—especially when it delves away from the musical and into the personal lives of everyone involved. If Ivy and Karen aren’t power-ballad duking it out for the lead in "Bombshell," I just don’t care. Last night was one of those nights. It was a therapy hour, where everyone brought all their problems to set and viewers watched them all horribly play out—with a disappointing lack of musical numbers.

First up was Tom, who had a first date with chorus boy Sam. They decide to blow off dinner and opt to head back to Tom’s place to make out. So far, so good. But just as things were getting hot and heavy, Sam threw a curve ball: He didn’t want to hook up. Like so many dreamy characters before him ("Sex and the City"'s Aidan Shaw came to mind) he didn’t want to rush things. Tom was confused, but later, when he talked it out with Julia, he realized Sam probably had a point: He was 37-ish and perpetually single. Maybe it was time to change something. Read More...



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