Amber Riley heats up 'Glee' with 'Disco Inferno' and more from 'Saturday Night Glee-ver'


It's a given that anything based on "Saturday Night Fever" will be incredibly cheesy, so there's no way the "Glee" episode "Saturday Night Glee-ver" was going to be anything but warm, gooey gruyere. But as far as "Glee" goes, there was plenty of plot advancement and character development -- so does that make up for the lame disco theme? Well, we did get a fierce drag performance by "The Glee Project" runner-up Alex Newell out of the deal, plus some all-too-brief glimpses at Jonathan Groff (back as Jesse St. James, the new Vocal Adrenaline coach), so it wasn't a total loss. We also got a crazy run of platitudes from Mr. Schuester, who was trying to inspire his aimless students Mercedes, Santana and Finn, and a whole lotta falsetto. Ostensibly, the three were competing for a white John Travolta disco suit (why would they even want that?), but mostly he just wanted to get them...


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