Ringer Recap: Lies Were Exposed and Schemes Were Revealed in the Season Finale

Ringer came to the end of its first season...and what may be its only season, depending on whether The CW chooses to renew the show next month.  While Ringer did leave us with a cliffhanger, there were quite a few developments in the season finale, especially things we've been wanting to see for a while.

Siobhan's Lies Were Exposed: After the twins' birth, Henry told Siobhan he wanted to move to Chicago so that the kids could grow up with his family.  He sneakily convinced her to use the money she stole from Martin Charles for a down payment on the house.  Later, the paternity test results arrived and Siobhan was shocked that Henry had ordered the test.  But without even looking, she told him that he was the girls' father when he asked.  Only that was a lie and he knew it.  So he went into her account and stole all of her money, then confronted her.  The paternity test was just that...a test.  Henry admitted that he was prepared to raise the twins as his own, but simply couldn't take Siobhan's never ending lies.  He kicked her out of his house and ignored her pleas for help.



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