Glee Recap: The Theme Is Obviously Jumpsuits

As Mr. Schuester might have said in the early days of Glee, before his character transitioned from "imparter of platitudes to misfit youths" to "occasionally horrible racist," John Travolta may have been the face of Saturday Night Fever, but the Bee Gees were its heart. That's why I was disappointed to see this episode go by without a single mention of the brotherly trio. I know the show's not in the habit of acknowledging artists, but the past tribute episodes have gushed over Madonna and Lady Gaga and Fleetwood Mac and Michael Jackson, so why not a kind word or two about the Gibb boys?

The episode opens on Blaine's tapping foot and immediately segues into him, Brittany, and Mike performing "You Should Be Dancing," which is nice, since we haven't gotten to see Blaine perform since those three solos last week. It's fine as a number, although its underuse of Brittany and Mike's dancing abilities is unfortunate. But since Blaine is neither boxing, wearing a tank top, or showering, I can't be fully drawn in. Sorry, Glee. I am what you made me. Read More...


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