New Girl Recap: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Schmidt’s Baby

New Girl does Very Special Episodes so well. Last night’s rumination on reproduction felt like a follow-up to Nick’s cancer scare earlier in the season — another chance for the show to get a little emotional without losing its sense of humor. As in the cancer episode, there wasn’t much suspense to the central medical drama: No way was Cece actually pregnant with Schmidt’s baby. But the possibility of a tiny Indian-Jewish Schmidtling with perfect bone structure was enough to power an entire episode, and ultimately take it somewhere genuinely touching.

It’s not that Schmidt and Cece haven’t been using protection. But as Cece explains to Jess in the opening shot, "Schmidt gets so athletic that birth control becomes like one of those plastic barbecue covers in a hurricane." (Later, we also discover that he told her he was practicing the ancient art of Tantra. The fact that Cece fell for that line, even for a second, suggests that she’s a little more gone for Schmidt than she’s willing to admit.) Cece won’t know if she’s actually pregnant for another six days, because nobody in the show seems to know about those pregnancy tests you can take even before you get your period. Read More...


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