four and a half starts

I think Smallville is really good, but i do have to admit it always has the one or two episodes in every season which are not that good. Apart from that I don't think theres any other let downs..

the series always has brilliant moments..

for every1 who disses the finale cuz the action wasn't that good...

compared to last few seasons this one has had far more than previous.

I'm grateful :D

every season is totally different and the next is gonna be the most different. Hopefully it is the last and it finishes off with an even better season.

If you have noticed the fights get better every season e.g this season with bizzaro..

well expect even better fights next season AND.. better action..and for the last season it will have to have better story telling.

Smallville is prob'ly the only show who actually has haters that use there time dissing it...well I remember I was one of them, but i never even watched it properly I didn't know what was going on..

I suggest if your gonna hate it, first watch it from the start then decide. thnx


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