'Survivor: One World': Troyzan vs. the Women - who prevails?


Troyzan goes a bit crazy in the wake of figuring out the women are running the show on "Survivor: One World."In the wake of Jay's blindside at Tribal, Troy is rightly very nervous. He knows he's next if he doesn't win Immunity. Weirdly, the one he attacks is Christina - like she's the only person who voted a certain way, or the mastermind. The girls tell him not to attack her, and that makes him even more defensive. Alicia doesn't need to get into it with him, but he really is being pretty snotty towards to Christina.Then the next morning, Troyzan just marches up and gets in Chelsea's face. He thinks it's unfair to keep other people over him. Chelsea rightly points out that it's a game - dude, you're a threat. You're likable, you're not crazy (so far) and you're a threat to win challenges. Don't talk about "deserving" to be there. Who would...



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