America's Next Top Model 18.07 "Estelle" Review

Rarely does an elimination of Top Model surprise me. Irritate, befuddle, deflate - sure, all the time. I've been around these parts for going on 18 cycles, so I've seen my fair share of ridiculous ousters. But because I've been with the show from day one, it's made me a little numb to the type of antics they can pull. If you see it, believe it, and it's super-duper outlandish, Top Model has it on top of their to do list, so at this point in the show's life, surprises don't happen all that often.

I'll be damned, then, that I've been surprised at the past two eliminations, but pleasantly so. First, AzMarie got knocked off her high horse for failing to train her tooch and now Kyle, she of the ridiculous overpraise and little desire to be there, gets the boot? Be still my reality loving heart. Kyle's elimination over limited facial expressions and her recent creative backslide made me audibly gasp (loudly), as Top Model is known for keeping their "favorites" around a little longer and putting them in the bottom two as a warning shot. And pitting Kyle against poor Alisha, who can't take a great photo to save her life? You had to think that there was a Mama Tyra lecture coming about stepping it up, giving it your all, and ooh ooh ooh, but those sly, sly judges actually kept the (in my opinion) right girl. Again. Top Model record or Top Model record? I didn't hate-hate Kyle, by any means; I'm sure she's a lovely person in real life, but the constant fawning over her and her obvious shutting down a few weeks ago made me root for her to leave, if only to give a spot to someone more passionate, hungry, and talented. Plus, no Kyle means not much of an emphasis on house drama, with Laura having no person to take out all her crazy on. Read More...


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