Survivor Review: Troyzan, The Ultimate Terror

Troyzan was on a war path as Survivor went from nine to eight this week, and it was not only because he won the immunity challenge.  He was also responsible for some extremely entertaining trash talk, and for causing a very strange vote at tribal council.

After Jay was voted out last week, and Troy realized he had been lied to and was all alone in the game, he kind of lost it a bit in "I'm No Dummy."  He took on a "me against the world" ideology, and took out a lot of his frustrations against those that wronged him most.

The first way he got back at the ladies of Survivor was by winning immunity and forcing them to eliminate a weaker competitor in Leif.  Troyzan helped his cause in the competition by refusing to play the Reward Auction with either his heart or his stomach, but rather his brain. Read More...


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