'American Horror Story' Season 2: Jessica Lange runs an institution for the criminally insane


"American Horror Story" Season 2 is still quite a ways away, but creator Ryan Murphy continues to tantalize fans with details about what is coming. We already knew the show was going to be set on the East Coast, at a horror institution of some kind. Now Murphy tells a panel at the TV Academy in North Hollywood (via the Hollywood Reporter) that Season 2 is "set on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane that is run by Jessica [Lange]."Oooh. Who is immediately picturing Nurse Ratched? Only crazier, if that's possible.Murphy also says, "It's a completely different world and has nothing to do with Season 1; there's not a mention of Season 1. The second season is set in a completely different time period."Oooh. That's fun too. Do you have a preference on the era?Finally, Murphy says that in addition to the Season 1 actors we know are returning (Jessica Lange,...



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