Michael Trevino returns to 'The Vampire Diaries' free of his sire bond but bound by bad blood


We're not the type to tweet executive producers to tell them what to do with their shows, but if we were that type, we'd definitely be demanding way more Tyler on "The Vampire Diaries." This is the second season in a row that Tyler has skipped town for an extended absence in the spring, and while we understand that some actors have longer contracts than others (or at least, we pretend to understand it), that doesn't mean we have to like it.Tyler adds an important element to the Mystic Falls dynamic, as he's the only character in town who, presumably, doesn't put Elena up on a pedestal. While everyone else in town would walk barefoot over hot coals to fetch Elena a ponytail elastic, Tyler has his own life and his own loves to worry about. He's incredibly important to Caroline, and his well-being matters to Matt, but other than that, Tyler is a wild...



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