Bones “The Warrior in the Wuss” Review

In tonight’s episode of Bones, called "The Warrior in the Wuss," the team is put on the case of a man who is found dead in the woods. When the evidence points in directions that don’t make sense, people have to start resorting to some unusual methods to solve the crime. Hodgins even pulls out his handy-dandy new toys (also known as very expensive equipment that he wasn’t budgeted to buy, oops) to help them out, but in the end it’s the simplest of things that leads them to the murder. Thanks to a teeny tiny worm, they finally get their man.

Meanwhile, Booth is both excited and nervous that Parker is coming to visit from England. Wanting his first child to get along with his newest, Booth does everything he can to make the little guy feel at home but something’s not right. When they discover that Parker is spending a lot of time alone and lying about where he’s been, I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to turn out to be him disliking Christine. It just felt too obvious and I was happy when it turned out to be something so sweet instead. Parker making a mobile for Christine, using all of their pictures, was great. That kid is just as sweet as his daddy. Read More... 


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