Gossip Girl “Despicable B” Review

The title of this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, "Despicable B," pretty much fits Blair Waldorf to a tee these days. Now, I’ve taken some flack for my opinions on the show’s choice of parings as of late, but strictly from the point of view of a critic, not a fan girl of anything, Dan and Blair’s relationship is hard to swallow. I get that it has fans and that’s great…even Charles Manson has supporters…but I’m not going to give bad writing a pass just to avoid being accused of bias. The only thing I’m biased for is cohesive characterizations that make some semblance of sense.

No one has ever accused Blair of being shy or demure or even mildly generous with the spotlight, but so far in her relationship with Dan, she has a weekly meltdown whenever she doesn’t get her way or she thinks Dan might be getting slightly more attention than her. And the most frustrating thing is that instead of knocking her down a few pegs, Dan lets her bat her eyelashes while piling on a "poor princess" excuse that invokes the memory of being traded for a hotel that didn’t seem to bother her a mere five episodes ago. If fans of this pairing really believe that Dan is making her a better person…are we watching the same show? To me, it seems like they are headed in the same direction as Lily and Rufus. Read More...



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