Smash “Publicity” Review

I always end up feeling a little misled by the next-episode teasers at the end of every episode of Smash. Last week’s teasers led me to believe that "Publicity" would be an episode where Rebecca would attempt to destroy Karen’s career in a way that would make Ivy look like a benevolent angel. I was really looking forward to seeing Rebecca’s inner sociopath come out and – even more importantly – I was hoping that Karen would finally face the dark side of showbiz.

Although there’s still plenty of time for Rebecca to get into some serious backstabbing, what we got tonight looked a lot more like an unusual whirlwind friendship. I assume Rebecca had the old "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" adage in mind when she first invited Karen to hang out, but after seeing Karen perform at the nightclub, she seemed to become just like every person Karen has run into on Broadway, telling her, "you’re not an understudy, you’re a star!" Read More... 


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