The LA Complex (CW) Advance Review

Tonight on The CW is The LA Complex, a new show centering around a group of young and starvingartists trying to make it big in LA. Reminiscent of Melrose Place, the group all live in one building and their lives, careers, dreams and devastations all intertwine. I was able to watch the first three episodes of this new series and it was better than I expected.

I loved Melrose Place, the original, not that horrible reboot later. The idea of having such a close apartment complex was inviting. Naturally, the characters became too close and the story lines became too outrageous, but it was still a lot of fun. The LA Complex is similar, but different. In Melrose Place, everyone had super nice apartments, landed great jobs and looked beautiful. The LA Complex attempts to show the grittier or more realistic side of starstruck people relocating to LA. First, the complex itself, while styled similar to Melrose Place, is actually a former motel. Thus, the apartments are just rooms with little kitchenettes. A far cry from Amanda Woodward and her giant closet that I always wondered how it fit. Read More... 


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