Iron Man

Possibly the best Marvel movie made to date. Beside the first Blade, the Spiderman, the lead characters and the actors portraying them fit like a glove, well the did get Prof. X right. John Favreau does a great job directing and wirting the film, I have read many reviews that had said this is the blockbuster movie of the summer, which most likely it will be. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark no one else could have played him to a tee like that, Even Paltrow who I am not a huge fan of was great, Bridges plays an excellent villain, Terrance Howard character, now most say he wasn't needed, but he is if you are a Iron Man fan, Jim Rhodes is War Machine by the way, and having him in the first movie and seeing the second suit in Starks garage sets up perfect for Rhodes and the studios to introduce War Machine. I wish some of the critics would do their research on Comic books before they slam certain parts of the movie. Overall I would give this movie 9 out of 10, just because its my first review of a film and a 10 just really looks like I am homering.


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