Awake Review: Rekindling in Red

There isn’t much to "Nightswimming" other than some very well disguised nudity.

No conspiracies, no killers, not even murders. Just a procedural case that mirrored Britten’s life at home. And, although I’m always excited to look at and analyze the layers of all those overarching plots of Awake, at the end of the day a solid, well done procedural that pushes the characters forward is more than enough to be highly entertaining for an hour.

Which is exactly what Nightswimming does.

I had my doubts in the beginning of the episode. I had assumed tonight might be another penguin-esque outing as we watched Britten stark naked on top of that high dive. Could this be the episode that all of the stress of dealing with two realities causes a mental break? Could this be his San Diego moment? Read More...


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